Kyva: Activists today turning into extortionists


Activists today have ceased to carry out their basic idea of protecting society and are turning into extortionists, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva has said.

"Today civil organizations are being created, structures with loud names, but their activity boils down to creating a problem, and then, having settled it, to receive money. Activists are turning into extortionists," he said on the Espresso TV channel.

He also said that activists must have a job and pay taxes to the state.

"An activist is not a profession, but a social position in relation to society and the state. This should not be a way of making money, but today it is becoming a profitable business," he said.

Commenting on the increasing incidence of attacks on activists in Ukraine, Kyva said that the lack of an effective law and a full-fledged punishment system is to blame for what is happening.

"Impunity leads to such situations, to a decline in morality. We do not have the law of "iron hand." This is the main problem," he said.