Kyva: People become poorer while officials become richer


The people of Ukraine are getting poorer, the country is forced to ask for new loans from the IMF to cover previous debts, and officials are increasing their incomes and wealth, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said, the press service of the SPU has reported on its official website.

"The people have no means to live on and nothing to feed the children. With such salaries and pensions, Ukrainians will soon disappear as a nation. At the same time, officials continue to make profit and increase their incomes," he said on the 112 TV channel.

The politician said that people's deputies are forcing Ukraine to take new loans from the IMF to repay previously taken debts and Ukrainians to beg for subsidies that they can struggle to live on.

"All loans that Ukraine receives from the IMF go to pay off previously taken debts, and are not used to restore the country's economy. Subsidies today are humiliation! This handout that supposedly should help people survive only takes away their honor. [Ukrainians] have to beg for subsidies on their knees," Kyva said.

According to him, Ukrainian officials enjoy impunity and the lack of an efficient judicial system in the country.

"They [the authorities] continue to cover the activities of brothels, gambling business and thereby enrich themselves. They are not afraid of unreasonably raising tariffs for utilities, travel fares, taking away the last money from people. There is no law and no fear of punishment for the crimes committed," the SPU head said.