Kyva: scandal with Ukrposhta another 'legitimate' way to rob people


If Ukrposhta stops delivering pensions and liquidates several thousand branches, this will be the next stage of the genocide of the Ukrainian people by the authorities, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said on NewsOne TV channel.

"The wave of liquidation of rural post offices is another scam of today's government. They invented how to legally fool Ukrainians," Kyva said.

The politician said that people in villages are deprived of attention and support from the authorities. The rural population is gradually dying out.

"At first, they carried out healthcare reform and made reservations of Ukrainian villages where people are dying. They stopped providing health here a long time ago, because one doctor per 10 villages and 18,000 people is an unreal situation. After all, practically no one has been left, to whom these pensions should be brought today. This is a question of the genocide of the Ukrainian people," Kyva said.

Public Joint-Stock Company Ukrposhta announced that on January 1, 2019, the company would close about 7,000 departments, stop delivering pensions and significantly downsize a defined percentage of their staff.