Kyva about the blind in Ukraine: bad we remember them only once a year


The state is obliged to create comfortable living conditions for all citizens, including people who have vision and hearing problems, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"...The state is obliged to create the conditions in which everyone will live comfortably, especially for people who have problems with vision and hearing. We are obliged to develop government support programs for these people," he wrote on his Facebook page.

The politician said that the Socialist Party intends to hold a forum and make every effort to solve the problems of the blind and deaf.

"In the near future, with the support of the SPU, a forum devoted to the issues of people with sight and hearing problems will be held. We will fight for their rights. We will make the power to see the light and finally hear the problems of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians," Kyva said.

The head of SPU said that all citizens have equal rights to a decent life.

"They [the blind] should not be marginalized, as it is happening now. They should not ask and try to somehow draw attention to themselves. They have the right to a decent life, the opportunity to earn money," he said.

As reported, representative of Ukrainian Society of the Deaf (UTOG) of Kherson region Olha Taran and Chairman of the trade union of Kherson Ukrainian Association of the Blind (UTOS) Vladyslav Obertailo were appointed advisers to the head of the SPU.

November 13 is the International Day of the Blind.