Socialists stop destruction of sole cycling club in Chernihiv


The socialists in Chernihiv have stopped the attempts of plundering and closing the only cycling club in the city at a sports school, the regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) said on its Facebook page.

"For the past few years, school director Serhiy Romanchuk has destroyed the club. A month ago, he stole bicycles from children and leased out the premises. The intervention of the SPU in the situation resulted in opening the criminal proceedings against Romanchuk for theft and abuse of power and the office," the SPU regional organization said in the statement.

According to the report, the club has been saved.

"Today, the SPU together with children, parents and coaches went to the city hall, where the morning meeting was held. After instructions of the mayor, Head of the youth and sports department Andriy Deryzemlia went with the parents [of children] to the sports school in order to settle [the situation] peacefully. After that, the parents said that the club is not closed," the regional organization of the SPU said.

Currently, the question of the removal of Romanchuk from office remains open. Chernihiv organization of the SPU intends to keep the criminal proceedings under control and demand that the mayor dismiss the director.

"Our principled position is that a person destroying sport, who does not allow young people to participate in it, has no place in this position," the SPU said.