Kyva: Power dividing people because crowds are easier to manipulate


The current government's policy is similar to the Kremlin's and it is aimed at dividing the people, because it is easier to manipulate and control people's moods, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"The policy of today's government is very similar to the Kremlin's one. They are trying to divide people according to the language and religious principle. People began to hate each other, and forgot how to communicate. All this allows officials to control and manipulate people. They want to divide us because our strength is in unity," he said on the Nash TV channel.

In addition, Kyva said that public sector officials are destroying the country and openly show that they do not see a future for Ukraine.

'They are treated abroad. Their children live and study abroad. They obtain citizenship there. The government has ruined the country, ruined the medicine and they are giving every appearance of not caring about its future. They do not care about the people, the lives of people," he said.

At the same time, he said that the country had been turned into a "cash cow and would be milked to the last drop."

In his opinion, it was the absence of punishment for the crimes committed, and in particular, the absence of the fear to be punished, have caused this situation.

"Only effective legislation will be able to ensure order, security and justice in the country," the politician said.