Kyva: Extension of moratorium on sale of land is manipulation of authorities before elections


 The extension of a moratorium on the sale of land is just a manipulation with the voters' mood before the elections, and after its termination, the land will still be sold out, and the Ukrainian village will be destroyed, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva has said on his Facebook page.

"The Verkhovna Rada has extended the moratorium on the sale of land, and I support this decision. However, unfortunately, this is just an election-time dissimulation, like most of the actions of our authorities. When the moratorium on the sale of land expires, all the same, all the land will be sold. This parliament is not able to protect the people of Ukraine from blatant plunder," the politician said.

The leader of the SPU is confident that the land issue must be finally removed from the agenda.

"Now we need to raise the issue of returning privatized oil and gas fields and energy companies to the people of Ukraine. The land is the only thing that power has not taken away from people. Lifting the moratorium on the sale of land will be a disaster for Ukraine, small farmers and owners of land parcels. All these will lead to the final destruction of the village," he wrote.

Kyva compares the current processes with the privatization in the 1990s, after which all strategic enterprises and subsoil fields were passed into the hands of oligarchs.

"People are bound to be deceived, as it was in the case with the privatization in the 1990s. Then they said that it was a great blessing. And today we see that all strategic enterprises and subsoil fields belong to oligarchs. Land owned by the state will be transferred to agricultural holdings affiliated with the president, those that today receive billions [of hryvnias] in subsidies from the national budget. The oligarchs set the price for electricity, gas, even candy! They dream that Ukrainians will pay for walking on their own land. The Socialist Party will never let that happen!" Kyva said.