Kyva: War today convenient for politicians


Each of the presidents of Ukraine is involved in today's war and it will not be ended until the people in power decide to end it, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"I hate and curse the politicians who brought my country to this situation, to the war. Each president has his hands in blood: the first one for giving away the nuclear deterrent, and ruining the country, the second one for creating the oligarchs and the third for plunging into corruption schemes. And each of them brought the day of the war, the day of the loss of territories closer. They are all involved in this," he said in an interview with the News of Ukraine - From-UA ezine.

At the same time, he said that most politicians are former members of the same parties.

"You see, they all came from the same parties. Now they smear each other, then they kiss and hug each other. Once again I say: they are all linked by the money and financial flows," the SPU head said.

In his opinion, the war is deliberately extended.

"There they simply use people to plunder the country more. I, as a soldier of my people, will end this war. The war ends when you want the war to end. They invented a story where it is convenient to bury people in the ground. In fact, they justified the legalization of the destruction of a capable population," he said.

The politician also said that the current reforms kill the country from within, destroy the people.

"There is no health care, the hospitals are 'dead.' Now private clinics are starting to appear. However, in order to receive care in a private clinic, which is very beautiful and healthy, but for this you have to immediately sell your kidney in order to cure something else," Kyva said.