Kyva: Main failure in 2018 is inability of authorities to release prisoners


The expiring year has shown that the current government cannot not only end the war, but is not able to return prisoners home, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"2018 was a failure because not a single prisoner returned home. This is the failure of today's diplomacy and public authorities. The main task today is to return prisoners of war, political prisoners, to their mothers," he said on the Espresso TV channel.

The politician said that Ukraine should change its position regarding the solution of the problem in the east.

"We do not need peace via surrender. We must strengthen the military and industrial complex, the defense capability of our country, but not thanks to European handouts, but thanks to strengthening the economy. This symbiosis will allow us to build and protect our own position, to dictate our conditions," he said.

In addition, Kyva said that Ukraine should become a full-fledged participant in international processes, and stop pampering others.

"I want us to be full-fledged parties of the negotiation process and not act in line with the instructions of [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel, [U.S. President Donald] Trump and others. We should be interested in our country, our position, and our people. This will happen when politicians, who are not dependent on their accounts, come, those, who will not be on the hook to Europe or the United States," the head of the SPU said.