Kyva: Visa free regime turns Ukrainians into cheap labor


The introduction of a visa free regime with the EU has turned Ukrainians into cheap labor, and about 7 million people have already left to earn money, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"The visa free regime is another beautiful candy from the government, but in fact: we have 11 pensioners per 10 working people. The Ukrainian people have become cheap labor for Europe. The working population has been pushed out of the country: 7 million have already gone abroad," he said on his Youtube channel, summing up the results of 2018.

The politician also named other failures of the current government, in particular, fruitless negotiations on the return of prisoners, an increase in trade with the Russian Federation and Putin's recognition of Ukraine "as a strategic partner," and a twice increase in foreign debt.

"I am sure that soon the people will think of the instinct of self-preservation and this will cost the authorities a lot. A year is ending, and Poroshenko's regime is ending," the politician said.