SPU nominates Illia Kyva candidate for post of President of Ukraine


On January 20, at the regular Congress of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU), it has been decided to nominate Illia Kyva as candidate for the post of President of Ukraine.

"This is an important step for me personally and for our entire party. We are returning to big politics after 10 years of oblivion," Kyva said.

One of the issues on the agenda was making a decision on the participation of the Socialist Party in the presidential election in 2019 and the nomination of its candidate for President of Ukraine.

Viktor Slysh, the presiding officer at the congress, proposed the candidacy of Kyva. During the voting, the decision was taken unanimously. Pursuant to articles 9, 10, 47 of the Law of Ukraine on the Election of the President, the SPU nominated Kyva as a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine from the party.

"A year and a half ago, when you entrusted me to lead the Socialist Party, the task was to raise it from its knees. Today, the grassroot organizations of the SPU have been revived, and, most importantly, we have become participants in the electoral process. This will give us the opportunity of representing the interests of the people in Parliament. And, first of all, it will help us to establish high social standards of life for Ukrainians. We will win, because with us is strength and truth, and I believe in it," Kyva said.