Kyva: upcoming elections to be biggest election fraud and usurpation of power in Ukraine's history


Associates of the President are conducting a large-scale campaign aimed at rigging the election outcomes, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said, the press service of the SPU has reported on the official website of the party.

"This will be the biggest fraud and forgery in the history of Ukraine. Look at the CEC [Central Election Commission]. These are people from the pro-government party. Some are members of the People's Front, but the majority is the deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc or other associates of Poroshenko. What kind of unbiased vote count are we talking about?" Kyva said.

At the same time, he said that, in particular, outdated and therefore false indicators of the census results would be used to manipulate the election outcomes.

"Let us take a deeper look: we have 42 million voters in the register. When was the latest census conducted? No one will ever do that. We can say in all fairness: there are no more than 30 million Ukrainians in the country. Where will 10 million votes go?" the SPU head said, adding that the situation is aggravated by the closure of polling stations in Russia, which deprives Ukrainians temporarily staying in Russia of their legitimate voting rights and offers additional opportunities for fraud.

The politician also said that the prosecutor's office is covering up attempts of electoral fraud by the Solidarity pro-governmental party, which had already been accused of preparing to bribe voters.

"I will give an example. In Poltava, five headquarters were deployed, where lists are formed, people are prepared, a multilevel paid campaigning is prepared, the money is distributed. As soon as the SPU members caught these people making fraud attempts, the prosecutor's office immediately accused the members of our party under the article – hampering the work of public bodies and wrote out notifications about suspicion. The public body, which must be responsible for the observance of the law in the work of the entire civil service, is a machine for suppressing democracy. [Prosecutor General Yuriy] Lutsenko, being an associate of the President, built a system of clamping down and destructing dissidence. Criticism of the authorities will be halted by the public bodies that are responsible for the rule of law in this country. Dissidence ends in prison," Kyva said.