Kyva demands to increase minimum pension to level of actual subsistence minimum


The government should review the social policy and ensure that the minimum pension is not lower than the actual subsistence minimum, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said.

"From January 1, 2019, the minimum pension amounted to UAH 1,669, and the amount of utility bills, even for a one-room apartment, this year increased to about UAH 2,000. Pensioners cannot afford to buy decent food, medicine. They cannot even pay for utilities! The old people are forced to have a life of poverty – to save on electricity, heat, water – only to reduce the sums of bills for housing and utility services, and be able to buy a piece of bread. How is this possible?! I cannot let this go on! I demand to set the size of the minimum pension at the level of the actual subsistence minimum. We will provide our pensioners with a decent old age, while criminals and traitors deserve to go to jail!" Kyva said.

At the same time, he said that the SPU often receives complaints from retirees seeking for help.

"The authorities have driven people to despair, and the country to poverty. Just this morning, five people called me. They were five pensioners. They do not know how to survive, and where to look for help. After 40 years of their life devoted to work at state-owned enterprises and factories, they have experienced exclusion from this very "state" – they were thrown away," the SPU head said.

He also said that this problem is linked, first of all, to the level of corruption in the country and with ineffective public policy, under which it is not possible to accumulate the required amount of funds in the Pension Fund.

"Well-fed officials are too busy embezzling the national budget, which is not replenished thanks to economic growth, but thanks to the last kopecks, which are squeezed out of citizens. And then those who are currently buying their villas, expensive cars, who are having rest in the Maldives, say on television about "raising pensions." They call it a mocking surcharge of UAH 172. Our country does not know the concept of social protection for one simple reason: for power, people are a resource, consumables and tools for own enrichment," the politician said.