"General format." Illia Kyva presents the program with which he is running for post of President


Leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva has presented the Presidential Candidate Program entitled "General Format" at a meeting with voters in Chernihiv. The politician is confident that this program can become a strategy for the development of the Ukrainian state.

"We are going to the Ukrainian people with a clear plan and strategy: what should we do and what obligations will we take today. "General format" is not just an electoral program, it is a detailed list of what we will do for Ukraine to become a strong, independent country where people will live and not survive," Kyva said.

The politician said that the main task is to stop the war and return Ukraine to its territories.

"The first and most important point of our strategy is the achievement of peace, because today it is very important for us to stop the war, which means to win the war. It is not about losing and surrendering the territories. We have been taught since childhood that our land must be defended. And we will defend our country from invaders," the head of the political force said.

According to the candidate for the post of President, the second but no less important, is the problem of the living standards and the quality of life of Ukrainians.

"Ukraine should be a country of equal rights and opportunities. However, the current realities are completely different. The incompetent reforms of the corrupt government led to human extinction. Only 3% of the population lives in comfort. Everyone else has to survive. Only look at utility tariffs and food prices, compare them with salaries and pensions. How can you live on pension of UAH 1,669, when the utility bill reaches UAH 2,000? This is humiliation of the people," the politician said.

Kyva added that people have been driven to the point of desperation, and if the current government remains for the second term, there will be no one to live in our country tomorrow.

"I cannot allow this to continue!" We will provide our pensioners with a decent old age, while criminals and traitors deserve to go to jail. We have a clear plan, and we are ready to fight for a strong, new Ukraine, in which people are guaranteed equality and social protection," the SPU leader said.