The course on the EU and NATO does not improve the lives of Ukrainians today, it is the conscious populism of politicians - I.Kyva


Changes to the Constitution of Ukraine, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, on the proposal of the president, are populist and they will not improve the living standards of Ukrainians, says leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kyva. This politician wrote on his Facebook page, the press service of the SPU reports on the official site of the party.

"The parliament is used as an election mechanism for deception of ordinary people. When there are no real economic, social or geopolitical achievements - they get promises from the sleeves and ephemeral notions - all that can not be touched: Tomos, language. Now the course is on the EU and NATO ", - said the head of political forces.

The politician noted that people are flipping their eyes on prospects, but in fact there are no improvements in the quality of life.

«They promis a decent life in the distant future, instead of raising salaries and pensions now, lowering prices for food and utility services. Many of Ukrainians simply will not live until the level of living in the country will become European, and the army will meet NATO standards ", - he stressed.

Also Ilya Kyva is convinced that the government will present today's decision as "great" achievement and "final forgive" of Russia.

"It is necessary for us to understand, it will not be easier to live after today's" great ", but it will be the same with us, the decision of the Ukrainian Parliament. It's all empty chat! Fixing the course does not guarantee us a comfortable age and a happy life. The factories will not work and people will not return from work back to Ukraine, until we get rid of thieves' power and we will not start building a new, strong state within our country ", - summed up the leader of the SPU.