Kyva: Enshrining course towards EU, NATO in Constitution is buying pardon from West


Amendments to the Constitution regarding the course towards the EU and NATO is another attempt of Petro Poroshenko to buy the favor of Europe, which in turn is dictated by the withdrawal of money from the country, Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kyva said on the ZIK TV channel on Thursday.

"Before the end of their term, the Presidents steer the course of the country's development to the place where they deposited the money stolen from the country. Yanukovych had launched a course toward Russia, where he later flew with the money stolen from us. Today, the power with these changes to the Constitution is also trying to buy pardon from the West, where the money stolen from us is located. The Constitution, which is a dogma that we must honor and respect, is used by the Guarantor as toilet paper. He rewrites it as it suits him, as if it were some kind of notebook," the politician said.

"I always ask the question: when will the history of Ukraine be? Not the history of NATO, not the history of the EU, not the history of the United States, not the history of the enemy – Russia, but the history of Ukraine?!" the head of the SPU said.

Kyva also listed several pressing issues that the authorities should address as quickly as possible, noting that they are conducting foreign policy ineffectively.

"Today we need to talk not about joining the EU and NATO, making this another candy to kill hunger, but about regaining control over the stolen resources, strategic facilities, energy resources! What has the EU given us? Logging? Using our workforce? What benefits have we enjoyed? We must determine for ourselves what we are losing and what we are getting in return. We have the opportunity of developing independently, but we need to restore order in the country!" the politician said.

He also said that the government does not work for the good of the country, because it does not associate the well-being of its own future with the development of Ukraine.

"Martial law, the change of the course, slogans "Move away from Moscow" and "Goodbye forever," is Bankova Street's clean populism. I do not believe in decisions that come from the lips of those who over the past five years have increased trade with Russia several times, and did not call the war a war, leaving those who defended Ukraine at the frontline outlaw. Why is that happening? Look, where the children of the incumbent President live? In England. Prime Minister's? In England. What are you doing here then? How can you lead this country? Here is your patriotism only in slogans and folk embroidery!" Kyva said.