Illya Kyva: I want to punish theft and erasure of Ukraine


All the years of Independence of Ukraine are plundered by politicians and officials who are accustomed to impunity; this process must be stopped by returning the system of punishment for the committed crimes. This was stated by Illya Kyva, the Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, on the "NASH" TV Channel on Friday, the SPU press service said on the official website of the party.



"We were washed not one day, but washed as an eraser, the last 27 years ... We received the country from our parents, who worked and built it with rolled up sleeves. There was a standard of living, intelligentsia, factories, schools, medicine — they didn’t curse, but it was free, people were treated. And suddenly it started to take from us. They invented the privatization process and distributed the enterprises to 5 families - Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Firtash and others. They gave the whole direction, such as the gas industry. Previously, this direction filled the country's budget, now - personal pockets and offshore ", - said Illya Kyva.


The SPU leader stressed that the responsibility for the collapse of the Ukrainian army also lies with specific officials.


"The responsibility for the army also lies with the ministers of defense. Not one day we did not have this enormous colossus received from the USSR. Who plundered it? Where did the tanks sell? Where did they sell helicopters, airplanes? Who cut everything for metal? For that, too, no one never asked, "he said.

Illya Kyva is convinced that politicians act like this because of complete impunity, and this must be stopped.


“They all need to be brought to justice, and then the next one will be stolen away from them. Otherwise, they shook it off, and it was as if nothing had happened. And they destroyed the country, and the enterprises were taken away from us. And today they say beautiful slogans and again lies” , - he said.


In this regard, the SPU leader committed the possibility of violations during the election of the March 2019 presidential election.


"The situation with the bribery of voters, the sale of votes can happen again when there is no morality in society, when we are ready to trade our lives and the lives of our children," he said.


Illya Kyva expressed the conviction that, first of all, in Ukraine it is necessary to return the punishment for the crimes committed, “so that the rest are not in the know.”


"I came to this shit, and in our country politics is just shit and prostitution, for one reason only. I want to punish them, punish them for taking and wiping our country. We need to restore the educational process and the system of punishments. For 27 years, plants were looted, roads were destroyed, intellectuals and schools were destroyed. We must learn to punish them. In this country, nothing will change until we start to punish and start teaching the younger generation to love the Motherland, "he stressed.