In Ukraine, it is impossible to simply reproduce the US medical reform, convinced in the Socialist Party


Changes in the medical industry have not solved the problems of rural areas and are not a medical reform, so necessary in Ukraine. This was the head of the political council of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Viktor Slysh wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

“I understand that the medical industry in Ukraine needs systemic reforms !!! But there really is no reform !!! What changed? The primary link has slightly stirred up, but the personnel problem in the village existed and exists - 70% are pensioners. We boast of a family doctor's salary of 18 thousand, but we are silnt that from this standard very soon it will be necessary to pay nurses, cleaners for tests”, - the politician wrote.

Victor Slysh also stressed that the key element of the medical reform is insurance medicine, “and they kept silence about it”.

“What will happen to the secondary link is unknown, but today, after the liquidation of separate departments in the Central Regional Hospital and the real lack of emergency medical care in the village, they give birth at home, and they are not taken to medical centers, and not everyone will reach the equipped centers at the “UAZ”, - convinced the head of the political council SPU.

He stressed that it is necessary to carry out a real reform, and not to reproduce the experience of other countries.

“It is possible that in the USA the system of medicine is also quite good, but it’s just impossible to take it and reproduce it in Ukraine, because we have our own characteristics: off-road, lack of transportation, the latest technology, personnel ... Unfortunately, Uliana Suprun doesn’t have these features he knows, and her education is ... not even higher education by our standards”, - he noted.