Chernihiv authorities are preparing another theft of municipal property - Dmitry Zinin


The next scam with a utility company prepared by the authorities of the Chernihiv region. This was stated by the head of the Chernihiv regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Dmitry Zinin.

“In Chernihiv regional council, another crime has been prepared - theft of communal property. Last week we announced the theft of the UC "Drugs of Ukraine", and now we have learned of a similar crime with the UC "Business Center". According to the same scheme, on the basis of the utility, the eponymous LLC “Chernihiv Business Center” was created, which included workers and so-called investors-gaskets”, he said.

 D.Zinin emphasized that the deputy of the regional council Oleg Averyanov and the head of the municipal property department Andrei Bunin are behind these scams.

 “Given the fact, that Bunin became the sole manager of property according to the decision of the deputies, and it was he who already transferred the property of the Medicines of Ukraine enterprise, there is a threat of repetition of the scam”, he stressed.

 In this regard, the regional organization of SPU requires the immediate removal of A.Bunin, the abolition of all his decisions and the convening of an extraordinary session of the regional council.

 “Law enforcement agencies also do not have the right to stand aside - we demand an immediate response and the commencement of criminal proceedings”, he stressed.