Ilya Kyva: our goal is to build a parliamentary republic


The Socialist Party of Ukraine intends to get representation in the Verkhovna Rada this year to create a parliamentary republic and protect the interests of the left electorate. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva, said this in an interview with ”Politek”.

“Our goal, both party and my personal, is the creation of a parliamentary republic. We are doing everything to take our rightful place in the Ukrainian parliament and represent the interests of the left electorate there”, he said.

According to I.Kyva, today there is no balance of representation of the interests of the population in the Ukrainian political.

“It is important, that there is a balance between left and right. Indeed, without the position of the left, nationalism turns into nazism. Our task is to equalize the existing situation, to represent the part of the population, that supports our ideology, and to protect their rights. And then build a legal, pro-European state”, he stressed.

According to the politician, heading the faction in parliament he will also perform a controlling function.

“I will be one of the main, because I will control. I will have more opportunities, but also more responsibilities, I will be more powerful, I will have leverage to prevent politicians from stealing. And I will do it with proletarian labor hatred for these ghouls and capitalists”, I.Kyva said.