"Ukroboronprom" was created for money laundering, and is now surrounded by shell companies - Cherednichenko


The state concern "Ukroboronprom" was created for money laundering, and today it is surrounded by shell companies. This was stated by the head of the Poltava regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Sergei Cherednichenko, on the Espresso TV channel.

“Ukroboronprom” was created in 2012 in the time of Yanukovych to launder funds. At present, shell companies are everywhere - at JSC “Ukrainian Railways”, in “Ukroboronprom”, in the agricultural sector, even in the field of road repair - one company wins the tender and then subcontracts to other companies. We are talking about the system of corruption in Ukraine”, he said.

S.Cherednichenko stressed, that today among the deputies there are a lot of people from business who came to parliament precisely to protect their own business interests.

The politician noted, that today corruption is present in all areas, and it began to gain momentum precisely after the Revolution of dignity. 

“She began to become large-scale since 2014. Corruption was under all the presidents, but right now it has become just unprecedented in size, and it is cemented. On the Independence slogans sounded in order to corruption, if not destroy, then reduce at times. But for some reason we see, that the people who came to power, began to develop it”, said S.Cherednichenko.

The politician is not surprised, that the current authorities do not fight corruption, despite their public promises.

“These are the people we see in the political life of the country for the last 15-20 years. And one should not expect them to fight corruption, because they are part of this corruption ... And the current president could become the father of the nation, but he chose the path of corruption, nepotism, appointment to the posts of his business partners”, he said.