Ilya Kyva demands the immediate resignation of the head of the HCJ Secretariat Pushkar


The head of the secretariat of the High Council of Justice of Ukraine, Sergey Pushkar, should immediately resign, as he is a regular Russian military, he should not be allowed to form public authorities. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva, said this during the session of theHCJ.

“This man is a regular Russian military. Sergey Pushkar graduated from the Military Red Banner Institute of the USSR Ministry of Defense in Moscow. He also worked for many years in the Russian company TNK. Pushkar gave the oath of allegiance to the Russian people, and twice do not give the oath! I demand that this person resign his powers!”, he said.

At the same time, the politician stressed: “Today there is every reason to say, that the head of the secretariat of the High Council of Justice of Ukraine, Sergey Pushkar, manipulates data and tries to usurp the HCJ under the authority!”. 

I.Kyva also announced his intention to contact the Security Service of Ukraine on this issue.

“Because in the conditions of war such people cannot be allowed to form public authorities! After all, when the Russian military work in such structures, we should not be surprised at the betrayal and surrender of national interests!”, he added.

The politician also stressed, that with the sanction of S.Pushkar, the process of forming the HCJ occurs with violations.

“The delegates of the congress from the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were not allowed to vote, referring to the fact that they are allegedly militarized educational institutions. HCJ cannot establish the rules of formation and the list of universities, that are allowed to vote. In addition, I personally do not agree with this argument, since such universities prepare highly professional and qualified lawyers!”, he said.

According to I.Kyva, not only the rights of institutions of higher education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are violated, but the voting process itself is adjusted by unscrupulous people under certain representatives.