Election legislation needs to be revised for the sake of equal opportunity of candidates and the right of the voter to an objective assessment - Ilya Kyva


The electoral process requires a radical reform, since the current system is contrary to the principles of democracy and is not able to provide the constitutional right to choose citizens. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva, said this on the TV channel "NewsOne”.

“Laws of electoral process need to be revised. The political and economic situation has changed, the new standards, the use of the Internet - all this must be taken into account, and yet all participants will be given the opportunity to have equal conditions. And then we can talk about a full choice. In the meantime, the electoral process is a competition of wallets. There is no politics here”, he said.

At the same time I.Kyva noted a number of violations related to the use of administrative resources, capital and other advantages of individual candidates.

“For the purchase of campaign network, for advertising, so much currency was brought in, that dollars rate has collapsed since the beginning of the election campaign. And how much goes to advertising in social networks? Nobody controls this money - black cash, gray cash. Moreover, the parliament was made a platform for agitation - the head of the BPP fraction, Arthur Gerasimov, during the two months of the election campaign tells, that Poroshenko is good. This is direct agitation and the use of the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada in the interests of one candidate”, said the politician.

He also noted, that due to political technologies political advertising is a means of manipulating the consciousness of voters and therefore its amount must be significantly reduced, and the bulk of campaigning must take place in debates.

“This is actually zombie. This distorts consciousness and does not allow a person to make an objective assessment. Let's leave the debate - open opposition of candidates. In these elections, the debate was not in principle - candidates are afraid to enter into the discussion, because today everything has been cut in advance, prescribed using pre-prepared templates”, stressed I.Kyva.