Ilya Kyva: I am ready to support everyone who will fight against the current government


The Socialist Party of Ukraine is ready to unite with all the forces, that are interested in changing the current government in the country. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva, said this on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“I will definitely support all, those who are ready today to fight this criminal regime, which has brought my country to a pitiful situation. We will be ready to support, unite, fight, apply any convenient and inconvenient methods - in order to take away the opportunity from the current government to sow death, misery and destruction”, he said.

I.Kyva stressed, that in the first round of the presidential election neither the administrative resource abuse nor the violation of the law helped the candidate from the government.

“Their own cash went to offshore, and budget money was used for bribing, because for you and me, we were helped - to vote for the current government. But in this whole situation, the pro-government candidate could not pull out more, than 16% of the votes, of which 8% were stolen. This is an indication, that the whole country was ready to vote for anyone, if only not for this political corpse, which is pulling us into the grave”, he said.

According to the politician, such a result of the pro-government candidate was the result of negative activity during all 5 years of the cadence, which resulted in the deterioration of the standard of living of the population.

“When Poroshenko said, that he was not heard, I want to answer that the only thing we did for 5 years was listening and hearing. But did not see real improvements. We saw only a rise in prices, a rise in the cost of housing and communal services, the destruction of medicine, industry and the dying village”, he explained.

Speaking about plans for the future, I.Kyva said: "I will both raise people and seriously promote, I will do anything, just to prevent these reptiles from continuing to destroy you and me".