Ilya Kyva: I'm not waiting for a debate, but investigative actions


The debates of the presidential candidates are political shows, instead of which there should be investigative actions against the authorities, who destroyed Ukraine. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva, said this on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“I don’t see the point of a debate with a political corpse, I don’t give a name, but we all perfectly understand, who I mean. I am waiting for investigative actions and interrogations - for looting, embezzlement and the destruction of Ukraine. I hope, that in the near future we will see these villains from power - already in the investigators' offices, where they will have to answer the question - how did they bring the country to such a state”, the politician emphasized.

According to I.Kyva, the debate can be used to destabilize the situation in the country and cancel the second round of the expression of will.

“Why do we need debates? This is like the last point, on which the criminal authorities will try to create a situation, that could plunge the country into a conflict, that can disrupt the elections”, he noted.

The politician is convinced of the expediency of refusing to hold a debate at the NSC “Olimpiysky” - for security reasons.

“First of all, I am concerned about the safety of people, who come to the stadium and the likelihood of provocations, that can be arranged by people interested in discrediting this action. Whether there will be a debate or not, I would refuse them in order to minimize the risks for ordinary Ukrainians”, he said.