Ilya Kyva: Another UAH 1.5 billion for purchasing forms for military steals with the participation of the Society of the Deaf


In the regular scheme of UAH 1.5 billion for stealing by authorities of the defense budget is mixed with the leadership of the Society of the Deaf, which exploits the work of people with hearing impairments. This is the leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva wrote on his page in the social network of Facebook.

«So much has earned on the supply of forms for the Ukrainian military private company «MIC»- a mediator. The forms were made by the Society of the Deaf and colonies. What prevented direct contracts? And I will answer. The impudent power and the pocket prosecutor's office, which creates, according to the instructions of our Guarantor, the visibility of the presence of «letters of the law» in the state. The Ministry of Defense for overpricing more than 4 times the price of buying up the goods from the intermediary company, until hearing impaired people continue to work in slavish conditions for scanty salaries», he said. 

The particular cynicism of this situation, according to I.Kyva, is, that the enrichment took place at the expense of the disabled, who have to rely on the dishonest leaders of the Society of the Deaf.

«When I saw this news, my eyes immediately broke up pictures, as people locked in the shops smack for a penny. The crimes of the Society of the Deaf of 1.5 years are not being investigated, actually turning people with disabilities into slaves - this is the level of our social protection!», said the politician.

I.Kyva also informed, that, according to the information available, the purchased forms did not meet military specifics and safety standards, which directly endangered the lives of military personnel. «This confirms once again: soldiers - this is a consumable material, their lives pay the government for their own enrichment», he added.

In this regard, the politician has urged Ukrainians not to believe in words and promises, and not to wait for debate to make their choice.

«You still need this show - a debate, to make a choice? There was not enough history of smuggling through «Ukroboronprom»? Here is the best estimate of the regime of Poroshenko! I sincerely believe, that we will be able to break the backbone of this endless corruption and looting», summed up I.Kyva.