Ilya Kyva: The release of Savchenko and Ruban testifies to the agony of the current regime


The current power in Ukraine is close to the fall and has lost control even over itself, the release from custody of Savchenko and Ruban, people of inconvenient for the authorities, confirms this. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ilya Kyva, said this on the TV channel NEWSONE.

«Another indicator of the collapse of the totalitarian regime of Poroshenko is the release from custody Savchenko and Ruban. This is another indicator in one link with the release of Semochko, the discovery of the «Ukroboronprom» by the marauders of Svinarchuk-Gladkovsky, an indication, that the sand castles of the totalitarian regime of Poroshenko is destroying and go into oblivion. Today, Bankova does not even control Bankova. And we are seeing the agony of the regime», he said.

In this regard, the politician reminded, that there is a presumption of innocence in Ukraine, «and the fact, that these people have been held so much in prison is based on the conscience of the structures controlled by Poroshenko, namely, the Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office, headed by his godfather».

I.Kyva also predicted, that with the change of power in Ukraine legal proceedings against the current leadership of the country will start.

«After the fall of this regime, trials of those, who were to blame for the destruction of the Ukrainian people and the economy will start. We are still ahead of not one loud investigation and not one big thing about today's leaders of the country. I think, that we will see the defendants of the first persons of the state at least in half a year», he said.

According to I.Kyva, the end of the current regime is inevitable, but the Ukrainians must put an end to this issue on April 21.

«Today, the authorities will use every opportunity to delay their death. But how much a ball does not get out, and the end will be. And the matter is Savchenko - it's only one of the noisy, and how many people were affected, those who are not comfortable with the regime of Poroshenko?.. It is important today to finish the process of falling this regime. It is necessary to come to the polls, to vote and to take away this criminal power», - he summed up.