Ilya Kyva: Ukraine needs a full restart of power - dissolution of the Rada and early elections


Ukraine needs a full restart of power, including the dissolution of the current parliament, which discredited itself, and the holding of early parliamentary elections. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kyva stated this on the TV channel NEWSONE.

«I am waiting for the dissolution of this parliament. Because it is not viable, it has no confidence in society, and as a supreme legislature, it has long discredited himself. We need a full restart of power, and parliamentary structure, including», said the politician.

According to I.Kyva, the newly elected president must assume responsibility, dissolve the current parliament and announce early elections.

«Since this parliament is a criminal element, that contributed to the destruction of Ukraine, the continuation of the war, and by all means destroyed both the economy and every Ukrainian separately. We must create the team, that will bring Ukraine out of chaos, which will act not in the interests of certain political structures, which was convenient to disengage Ukrainians, but to act on creation and strengthening», he stressed.

A politician also insists on the formation of a parliamentary republic.

«We must eliminate the dual power, level the institution of the presidency and leave it the function of representing our interests in the international arena. And the decision on the future, doctrines,