We demand from Lutsenko the resignation of corrupt prosecutor Chibisov - Cherednichenko


Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko should pay attention to statements about corruption in relation to the prosecutor of the Poltava region Dmytro Chibisov and send him to resign. This was stated by the head of the Poltava regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Sergey Cherednichenko during a picket near the building of the General Prosecutor's Office on Thursday.

«The prosecutor of the Poltava region carries out criminal orders, participates in political persecution, and we demand its removal. Chibisov deals exclusively with commercial and political cases. And no criminal case was brought to the end», he said.

S.Cherednichenko also said, that prosecutor's office in Poltava region pursues activists, in particular he was subjected to pressure after the disclosure of the illegal network of the «Petro Poroshenko Bloc».

«Chibisov handed me suspicion and wants to hand over two more suspicions, all of them invented. As soon as we begin to point out corruption at the level of the city authorities, the prosecutor's office instead of activating these cases - hides them, sells, and begins to put pressure on the activists», he emphasized.

During the picket, activists of the Socialist Party and the Youth Organization of the Socialist Party registered an appeal addressed to Y.Lutsenko with the requirement to dismiss D.Chibisov and stop the persecution. In case of non-fulfillment, the activists promised to return with more numerous action.

As reported, in January 2019, the SPU officially announced the political persecution of party members on the part of D.Chibisov. Repression began after activists from the SPU found an illegal network for bribing voters by the «BPP». In response, the regional public prosecutor's office handed S.Cherednichenko suspicion of committing a crime. The regional organization of the SPU has declared an indefinite struggle against extortion and corruption in the prosecutor's office.