Rada needs to be dissolved, because every day its activities damage the economy and defense - Ilya Kyva


The current Verkhovna Rada must be dissolved, because every day these people's deputies in power bear irreparable damage to Ukraine’s economy and defense. The leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kyva stated this on the TV channel «112».

«Every day of these criminals in power bears irreparable damage to the economy of the country, and hence to the country's vital activity and defense capability. We are constantly talking about the war, but at the same time we have embezzlers, marauders, swindlers. I believe, that they can’t stay at the helm of the state for an hour», he said.

According to Ilya Kyva, parliamentarians should be held accountable for 4 years of such activities, and the responsibility should be collective: «We must finally start punishing the criminals. And one of the elements of this process is the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. And here no one should disclaim responsibility».

«Participants in the parliamentary coalition, which did not exist, and therefore participants in fiction, deception throughout the country. You understand, that this is actually treason. And all members of this coalition should be responsible. Because I have not heard yet a single deputy, who would refuse to take part in this coven, resigned. No, everyone was silent, it was convenient for everyone», the politician explained.