SPU Youth Wing started cooperation with shelters for homeless animals


The Youth Organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine began cooperation with shelters for homeless animals, in particular, providing practical assistance to the center «Good Hands» in the city of Vyshneve (Kiev region). It is reported by the press service of the SPU.

Within the framework of the program, activists, in particular, bring food, are engaged in the improvement of enclosures, repairs, cleaning the territory of the shelter, and also just spend time with dogs and cats. According to the volunteers, the socialization of animals is very important, because a friendly puppy or kitten, that is used to a person, is much easier to find a loving owner.

«Ukraine is among the top ten countries in terms of the number of homeless animals, and this is only an approximate calculation, since animals are not registered. The reason for this situation is the insufficient legislative base and low social responsibility of the Ukrainians themselves, since many of the compatriots allow themselves to throw away the bored animal», said the head of the SPU Youth Organization Vladislav Bravy.

As it is known, the country has very few communal shelters, and they cannot even fit a hundred dogs or cats, according to the volunteers, the conditions of animals there are bad. Basically, the problem of sterilization, trapping and keeping stray animals is handled by private shelters, which are funded by charitable contributions.