Ukrainians congratulate the head of SPU Ilya Kyva on his birthday


Ukrainians congratulate the head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Ilya Kyva on his 42nd birthday and express their support for the activities of the politician with sincere wishes and gifts. The press service of the SPU informs.

«I want to wish you the most valuable and important thing in life - health to you and your close people! Good luck on your way to goals! I wish you always be surrounded by honest, decent and just people, who will never leave in trouble and will always walk with you through life», the people of Kiev address these words to the head of SPU.

Ukrainians also mentioned the dedication, consistency and ideology of Ilya Kyva.

«Poltavchanin, a real Ukrainian. On birthday, I wish to remain the same brave, honest, sincere, and most importantly - health and strength! We believe, that the future of Ukraine is yours! Be wise, far-sighted and lead our people on the right path!», wish citizens.

Young people also expressed their support and congratulations: «We wish you happiness and success in your good deeds! Thank you for everything you do! We also wish you success in the political struggle! We are for you, Ilya Vladimirovich!!! Always be a winner! Happiness and health!».

The compatriot of the head of SPU, poetess Irina Aleksandrovna, came personally to congratulate Ilya Kyva and presented honey, tea and various books for leisure.

«Dear Ilya, I wish you all the best, you should fight, rejoiced, loved! We are with you!», she wished.