SPU Youth Wing joined to action demanding arrest of Poroshenko and Gladkovsky


The youth organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine joined the action near the house of ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the demand of his arrest, as well as all accomplices of the theft of defense means, in particular - a former member of the National Security and Defense Council Oleg Gladkovsky and his son. The press service of the SPU informs about this.

At the gates of the house in Kozin (Kyiv region) activists lit tires and chanted «Shame!», «Poroshenko - for the bunk». On the trees around the fence, the participants of the action posted posters with inscriptions: «Poroshenko is a traitor», «Shame to the enemies of the people».

«One month after the election, everyone seemed to have forgotten about Poroshenko, about his partner Svinarchuk (Gladkovsky), about theft in “Ukroboronprom”. During the presidency of the state, Poroshenko has increased his fortune in 18 times! This is in the poor country, where the war is going. It's a shame! We believe, that he must answer the law for his crimes, for his theft», said Vladislav Bravy, head of the Youth Organization of the Socialist Party.

A similar action takes place near the house of Gladkovsky, which is also located in Kozin.