Ilya Kyva: My participation in the «Opposition Platform - For Life» will allow the SPU to get representation in parliament


The Socialist Party of Ukraine delegated Ilya Kyva to represent the party's interests in the «Opposition Platform - For Life» and to receive representation in the Verkhovna Rada. The politician wrote about this on his Facebook, the press service of the SPU informs about this.

«Many people ask, what the main goal of my participation in the election campaign is on the lists of «Opposition Platform - For Life». I want to put all the dots on «i»! I have not left the Socialist Party of Ukraine. The only decision of the congress of the SPU delegate me to represent our interests in the «Opposition Platform - For Life» to strengthen Ukraine's position. We clearly understand, that our party needs representation in the Verkhovna Rada, which is why we have made such a decision!», he said.

The politician noted, that the Socialist Party will support the program activities of the «Opposition Platform», since the programs of political forces coincide.

His main goal Ilya Kyiva sees a cessation of hostilities in the Donbas: «My main task is a negotiation process for peace, and this is the return of prisoners of war. I am convinced, that I am the person, who knows the price of the world and the pain of war. I intend to unite the country! And for this, everyone should bury the ax of war, leave personal conflicts beyond the bounds, come to a compromise, and unite forces for the sake of the integrity of our country!».