Sergiy Cherednichenko: In order to implement its program, the SPU delegates its members to the «Opposition Platform» and nominates majority candidates


The Socialist Party of Ukraine intends to implement its program, in particular, the end of the war on the Donbass, in connection with which it was decided to delegate party members to the «Opposition Platform - For Life» and nominate candidates for majority constituencies. This was stated by the head of the Socialist Party Sergei Cherednichenko, the press service of the SPU informs about this.

«We are obliged to strengthen our positions! That’s why it was unanimously decided to delegate the head of our party, Ilya Kyva, to represent the interests of socialists and Ukrainians, who support us, in political power, the purpose and programmatic provisions of which coincide with the program of the SPU, namely, "Opposition Platform - For Life". Along with this, the SPU decided to participate in the parliamentary campaign, nominating its candidates in the majority constituencies», he said.

Serhiy Cherednichenko stressed, that in order to implement the plans of the SPU, it is necessary to obtain representation in the parliament.

«The purpose of our political force is a peaceful country of social protection, social equality and order in which there is no place for war! To implement it, we are obliged to get representation in the parliament», - he explained.

According to the politician, the Socialist Party is ready for constructive cooperation: «It is not time to throw each other mud to meet personal interest - we need to combine our efforts: we intend to implement our program, but we are also ready to support the work of the team «Opposition Platform - In life»».

Sergiy Cherednichenko also thanked one-party members for their confidence in his appointment as head of the SPU on the eve.