S.Cherednichenko: Socialists block illegal smuggling of sand in the Poltava region while the authorities do nothing


Socialists blocked the illegal export of sand in the Poltava region against the backdrop of inaction by local authorities. The head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Sergey Cherednichenko wrote this on his page in Facebook.

«Why did we block the extraction of sand in Krotonka (Semyanivka)? During the last year, we have addressed absolutely to all law enforcement agencies about the illegal activity of a murderer, recidivist and pseudo-journalist Gennady Sikalov. Reactions are zero. We appealed to the city and regional authorities last autumn to move the city of sand trucks with 60 tons of Turkish company ONUR. Reactions are zero. While authorities take bribes, killer and recidivist Sikalov plunders our land, we will stand and defend Poltava! The law and order will be in the city and in the state», - he said.

Every day in its area illegally extracted and exported sand in the amount of about UAH 150 thousand. Offenders works at weekend too.

S.Cherednichenko reminded, that before the authorities officially banned the movement of trucks with smuggled sand, but it not stopped the intruders.

«We blocked, summoned the police to trucks, and the guys from the NGO «SAP» even blocked the broken road at the entrance to Poltava. Finally, the city authorities, after almost six months of resonance, banned the movement of trucks on urban roads. But trucks still travel!»- he said.

According to the politician, the representatives of local authorities do not act because of the beneficiaries of these violations: «When residents of the city are waiting for legitimate actions by the local authorities, Shamoty, Matkovsky and other small thieves stubbornly do not want to do anything. It is advantageous for them to take bribes twice. The first time from the carrier, and the second from the repair of roads!».