Lack of evidence of the existence of a coalition in the Rada may be associated with fraud - Ilya Kyva


The failure of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy, to provide evidence of the existence of a parliamentary coalition may be associated with fraud, and the law enforcement agencies could clarify the situation. The member of the party «Opposition platform - For Life» Ilya Kyva said about this on the TV channel «NEWSONE».

«Parubiy did not submit evidence - coalition lists. Deputies have already appealed to law enforcement agencies, or are they planning to appeal in order to bring the speaker of parliament to criminal liability? Is this falsification, or fraud, what is it? It is necessary to assess the actions of these people over the past three years» said the politician.

According to Ilya Kyva, such manipulations in the parliament of high officials fall within the specific articles of the Criminal Code: «In my understanding, these people, using their official position, falsified documents and robbed the budget. This is damage to the state in especially large sizes. The sanction of this article assumes from seven years of imprisonment. Maybe you need to go this way, maybe you need to punish them?».

The politician noted, that he is ready to initiate an investigation if the deputies, who declare the absence of a coalition, provide the documents.

«We have a number of people's deputies, who clearly say, that there was no coalition. I have a suspicion, that Parubiy is a criminal. Let me submit an application to the law enforcement agencies, and let people's deputies provide documentary support, so that this application is investigated, and the villains respond to the Ukrainian people» he said.