To evaluate the fulfillment of Zelensky’s promises should be six months after he received parliamentary support - Sergey Cherednichenko


It will be possible to talk about the degree of fulfillment of the main election promises of president Volodymyr Zelensky six months after he received support in the Verkhovna Rada. The head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Sergey Cherednichenko said about this on the TV channel «112».

«Society always expects more from politicians. We have been promised a lot, but it takes time and a majority in parliament to bring these promises to life. Therefore, we can talk about the activities of the president in six months. Talking and watching whether 60% of high-priority promises will be fulfilled is a cease-fire in the Donbas and economic improvements», he said.

At the same time, Sergey Cherednichenko stressed, that the countdown of this term should be conducted after the parliamentary elections, «when his party «Servant of the People» appears in the Verkhovna Rada, a coalition will be formed and ministers will be nominated».

Speaking about the renaming of the presidential administration to the president’s office and moving it from Bankova Street to the European Square, the politician noted: «Over the past 10 years we have seen the creation of the presidential secretariat, the presidential administration, and the president’s office. I think that, first of all, the president needs to talk about tariffs, a cease-fire, and those issues, that are important to people».

«And the way this authority (administration or office of the president - Ed.) will be called is not important for people. The main thing is to reduce tariffs, to begin the reform of medicine, to think about social security. When everything will be very good with us, the gas will be at $ 50, then you can call this body any european names», said Sergey Cherednichenko.