I. Kyva has called for an investigation into the cost of millions of hryvnia for IT services by the Social Insurance Fund


Law enforcement agencies should investigate the illegal waste of UAH 20 million annually by the Social Insurance Fund, according to Socialist Party of Ukraine head Ilya Kyva, who made the appeal on his Facebook page.

"Only in the last year the amount reached UAH 20 million, funds which should have been used to sick leave, rehabilitate workers after work-related injuries and to compensate for replacements of veterans who fulfilled their duty to the country. Instead, they transferred them to the account of AYKYUZHN LLC ІТ for so-called" IT services," Kyva said.

Kyva said the scheme involved Social Policy Minister Andriy Reva, noting so-called "cooperation" with this firm began under disgraced ex President Viktor Yanukovych. According to Kyva, Social Insurance Fund Acting Direct Serhiy Nesterov - Reva's protege - is now in charge.

Kyva appealed to Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) and other authorized agencies to conduct a thorough audit of the fund's activities and to investigate the unlawful actions of its leaders.

"As a member of the Committee for Financial Control and Audit of the Public Council under the Social Insurance Fund and the head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, I demand an audit and a thorough audit of the fund's activities, as well as an assessment of the actions of the Social Policy Minister himself. I appeal to PGO, to the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, State Fiscal Service and the National Police of Ukraine," he said.