«Only you can defeat the two-legged parasites on the budget», – Stremousov on the meeting in support of the chemical industry


Thousands of employees of DniproAzot, who worked at the enterprise for dozens of years, today lose their jobs due to the criminal actions of the authorities. This was stated by the head of the Kherson regional organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine Kirill Stremousov during the meeting in defense of the chemical industry at the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers.

"You are deprived of a place of work. The whole independence of Ukraine you know what is labor, what is a family, a collective. And only you today will defeat those two-legged ones that parasitize on our budget. Those who steal and destroy our country, "he said.

At the same time, he stressed that the owner of DniproAzot is the people, and all employees  – about five thousand  – are its shareholders.

The current government and individual ministers destroyed the industry of Ukraine.

"They disorganized the industry of Ukraine and in particular the Ministry of Industrial Policy. There is a Kubiv (Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine) - it is he who is to blame for what is happening in metallurgy and other industries, "Kirill Stremousov added.

He also noted that not so long ago the slogans "I want to live like in Kherson" sounded, but today the city is in decline.

"The city is destroyed. We have completely destroyed the entire industry, "  – said the head of the Kherson Oblorganization SPU.

At the same time he expressed confidence that due to concerted actions and unity, it will still be possible to revive the work of enterprises and industry as a whole.

"You managed to save your families, work collectives. I believe that only you can save our country, "he said to the protesters.