Serhiy Vozny: "The main problem of passenger transportation is that bribes from carriers are raked"


The local authorities have enough tools to reduce suburban passenger transportation fares. A member of the Political Council of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU), Deputy of the Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky Regional Council Serhiy Vozny expressed this opinion.

"The main problem of carriers is that they are bribed at all levels. When concluding contracts, they are immediately exposed to the conditions: where and how much it will be necessary to "bring". The corruption component in the suburban minibus fares is at least 10-15%," Vozny said.

According to Vozny, it is necessary to keep to only one condition in order for the fare to decrease and the quality to improve: to eradicate the possibility of abuse of power in the district and regional administrations and force them to comply with rules and regulations in the supervision process.

"Authorities have all the mechanisms of influence on the carriers. It is another matter how officials use them. If you sweep the corrupt officials away from power, then normal competition will appear in the passenger transportation market. It will force the carriers to remember that they transport people, not cattle," the socialist said.

Vozny also believes that the creation of municipal auto-transport enterprises will only damage the normalization of the passenger transportation market.

"Practice shows: a state-owned or municipal enterprise, competing with private companies, usually starts using administrative tools. This is unfair competition. Let's look at Switzerland, where 96% of all enterprises are private. And at the same time, Switzerland is a completely socialist country. Municipal auto-transport enterprises can be created in extraordinary circumstances - to serve non-profitable routes, for which private companies do not want to compete. But in this case, there are tools to encourage private companies to transport people," Vozny said.